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Fun with Photoshop November 25, 2008

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Matisse himself couldn't have done any better

Me as an oil painting

So last week I got some headshots taken. I didn’t have a specific need for them (it’s probably too late for a career as a Victoria’s Secret model, not to mention the cost of the extensive plastic surgery I would need to qualify!), but the timing was good and the price was right so I figured, why the hell not?

I picked out a few I liked and asked the photographer to play with them (fix them, as it were). What I meant by that was smooth out any imperfections or make me look better than I actually do, but instead I got some very creative adaptations as you can see here!

Me as an etching

Me as an etching

I did get a couple ‘keepers’, at least one of which you’ll see very soon when the blog migrates to a dedicated domain (www.wideawakeinwonderland.com)

Until then, you can feast your eyes upon me as a starlet. When I jokingly complained that he didn’t make me look anything like Charlize Theron, the photographer plopped my face on her body (keeping her chin and hair) as ‘proof’ I look exactly her. How weird is that!?!?


Truth be told, I find this image EXTREMELY alarming!!!


2 Responses to “Fun with Photoshop”

  1. Maxxy Says:

    I think I read far too many Crime Thriller books. ” Last week I got some headshots taken “….

    Really ?? MY GOD !!! who were you shooting at ?? or who was shooting at you ?? …..oh no wait……you mean pictures…

    PHEW !!!!!

  2. wideawakeinwonderland Says:

    Maybe you have some kind of virtual PTSD from the dramas and traumas of all my travel lo these recent months?

    This reminds me though: One Saturday around midnight I was walking in Sofia, Bulgaria with my friend and we passed a nightclub. It seemed to be really hopping, and there were three or four huge bouncers outside. I was trying to peer inside as we passed, and I caught the eye of one of the bodyguards who proceeded to scream (what sounded exactly like), “Sniper! Sniper! Sniper!”

    I didn’t hit the ground, but I considered it. Seriously though, any Bulgarians out there who can translate?

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