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Me: Being Brand New June 3, 2008

Your friendly tour guide, diligently writing this blog

Your friendly tour guide, diligently writing this blog

Thanks for somehow stumbling into this blog and sticking around long enough to read this page! And if you read it because you got the e. e. cummings reference, well unfortunately, I was only clever enough to come up with the title. So minus the fact that he is my favorite poet, I’ve run out of skillful allusions.

Anyway, to catch you up, I just spent the last three months backpacking Europe by myself. No, I’m not a trust fund baby nor do I have a super flexible career that allows me to do these kinds of things whenever I feel like it (yet!!!). Rather, I quit a well-paid, relatively high profile job as a banking consultant to make that happen. I did not do this without considerable fear, trepidation, and whining, and if rage against the petty corporate machine isn’t your thing, feel free to merely skim the posts in the month of July!

While on my European adventure, I ate some good food, some bad food, slept in some seriously sketchy situations, ran a half marathon, crawled through caves, had a full body baptism in freezing cold water, and kept this blog every day. I also realized I would sleep every night for the rest of my life in a dirty hostel if it meant I didn’t have to go back to my old career and my old ways (although hopefully I don’t have to make quite so distasteful a deal as that!) Rather, I have decided that it is my calling to share my stories (be it memoirs, anecdotes, short stories, novels, smut, TV, documentaries, whatever they’ll pay me to do!), and now I’ve got to figure out how to make that happen.

So, in short, this is a blog about my continued quest to live life on my terms, figure out how to go from overpaid banking consultant to unemployed nomad to successful fill-in-the-creative-blank. It’s also about random things that float around in my head. And with any luck and a small to medium-sized stipend, it will continue being a blog about travel and adventure. Next on my radar? India and Nepal, China, Chile and Argentina, and Vietnam. To infinity and beyond!!!

If you are a successful writer or other gainfully employed creative type with advice to share, I welcome it. If you are a “regular person” like me or someone in transition in your own life, please feel free to comment as I love to hear them – it makes writing this every day worth it. Otherwise, lurk to your heart’s content!

If you are a human and you’d like to communicate with me (but not in the publicly viewed comments), please sub in the appropriate symbols and send an e-mail to wideawakeinwonderland AT yahoo DOT com.  Namaste.


4 Responses to “Me: Being Brand New”

  1. YourFunnyRodney Says:

    Found you finding yourself!

    “Locked in your wonderful wonderland,
    No dark horse like me can cramp all of your style.”

    -Wonderland , Colin Moulding


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  3. hi,
    I love how people get connected in life – you wrote a comment on my blog about travelling in Europe & wanting a bread recipe (to which I have finally responded – been on my honeymoon hence the lateness of my reply :)) and I am now enjoying reading through your blog. I understand why you would like to be a writer – I do not know you at all, but find your style personal, witty and honest.
    I have respect for what you are doing – my brother just did the same sort of trip through Asia – 4 months on his own, and came back ready for his MBA and much closer to his true self (if you can put it that way) then when he left.
    I would like to write a cookbook – so I suppose that makes us kindred spirits in terms of writing dreams, but know what you mean about needing to make the jump. My blog was my way to get started : build a portfolio of recipes, to practice and prepare.
    I read your comment about leaving our material soaked world and strapping on a backpack – have you found the less is really more? I live in Geneva and see so many people chasing after more & more, which doesn’t seem to bring them happiness and they cannot understand why.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and following the rest of your journey.


  4. bchboy1 Says:

    great blog and don’t forget peanut butter and jelly with american cheese is the snack of choice!

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