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The Clouds Will Rain Success On To You June 25, 2008

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That’s from a fortune cookie I ate last night. It’s a good one. I’m in the habit of saving especially propitious fortune cookies and putting them in the piggy bank with my “abundance of the universe” found change. (Long story. Let’s just say it’s my bastardized interpretation of something Wayne Dyer wrote.)

Anyway, this one is piggy bank worthy.  I like the idea of success raining down upon me, especially since I’ve been feeling so stuck and even a little worthless lately.  However, this conference has been good for me in solidifying how futile and, truthfully, beneath me my current job is. I’m re-energized with a desire to break off the shackles and forge a new path, one that truly utilizes my potential.

But how? That’s where all the reading comes in. In addition to some books I’m reading for my job, I’m working through four different titles of personal selection. Oddly, I’m finding they all have added fresh ideas or deepened nuances of where I’m at in my life right now, and somehow they strangely intersect to shed new light on everything:

  • The 4-Hour Work Week – I actually received this book as a gift last Christmas – at my request. However, somehow I clearly didn’t understand what it was. What a revelation! It’s about exactly what I’m doing – taking a sabbatical from work – and keeping your job by being extremely productive for just four hours a week. The author is only 30, but he apparently makes very good money at his own businesses and endorses a “one month off for every two months of work” policy. He has some great ideas in there (such as taking a language class as soon as you get to a new place both for personal enrichment and to get a student id card and take advantage of the discounts). I’m semi-blown away by the fortuitous coincidence that I requested this book for some unknown reason, put it on a shelf for six months, and picked it up last Friday only to find it such a treasure trove of help in my life right now.
  • Care of the Soul – I’ve barely cracked the cover on this Thomas Moore classic, given to me by a friend. However, I think it will be a profound read, as I no doubt have a significant need to cultivate more spirituality and sacredness in my life.
  • The Places In Between – Rory Stewart’s amazing story of walking across Afghanistan in 2002. This book has made my solo backpacking trip in Europe seem positively tame – if not wimpy – and re-inspired my desire to see as much of the world as I possibly can.
  • What to Do With the Rest of Your Life – pretty much what the title sounds like. A book about exploring what you really love and are talented at in order to figure out how to carve a career that brings you joy. Although I’m not done with it yet, this book has helped me to realize that if I can’t make it as a writer (my true dream) that I’d like to go to culinary school or become a therapist. On the other hand, The 4-Hour Work Week is rapidly blowing the lid off my pedestrian belief that I *have to* work a 40-hour week and have myriad physical possessions to show for it. We’ll see how it all pans out…

Unrelated, I’ve watched Conan O’Brien twice this year…and somehow managed to see the same episode both times. It’s the early morning (12:05 a.m.) of June 25th, and I’ve  once again tuned into the Martha Stewart St. Patrick’s Day ham cooking episode I saw in March. She does a whiskey glaze, and within minutes Conan is seen double-fisting an Irish Rickey (made with whiskey – sounds gross) and a sloppily concocted Black and Tan.  She poured both the beers together fast…and at the same time! I’m no bartender, but aren’t you supposed to pour the Bass and then slowly add the Guinness so it floats on top?

Anyway, Martha talks about the crusty glaze that forms on the ham. It was a compelling enough description that I kind of wanted to go to Costco and get one of those hams, although I didn’t. However, watching this for a second time is causing the same reaction. Maybe this coincidence is a sign from the universe?: “Go to Costco and get a Martha Stewart holiday ham and coat it in sugar and whisky and the Clouds Will Rain Success On To You!!!” Stranger things have happened…