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There is more to life than increasing its speed June 26, 2008

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Not only is this true, it’s attributed to Mohandas (a.k.a. Mahatma) Gandhi, which no doubt gives it additional import. As a little educational tidbit for you, I just looked up and learned that Mahatma (in Sanskrit it’s महात्मा) means “Great Soul”. Anyway, the quote is not only profound, it’s also very poignant to me at the moment, as it’s something I’m struggling terribly with. Actually, I’m in a weird place because I have achieved extreme awareness – awareness about so many things we value in the world that are total bullshit, awareness that I’m a completely stressed out, multi-tasking fool who gets more done than six people, but often doesn’t really achieve much of any real importance, awareness of how I drive my own blood pressure up trying to be all things to all people, awareness of how pretty much no one else is aware and are even a little freaked out about where my head is at lately, and awareness that I’m ready to get off the merry-go-round for once and for all. However, it’s like a bad habit. It has to be replaced with new practice and unlearned.
Meanwhile, I think I finally figured out how I could own “The 4-Hour Workweek” for six months and never even pick it up. The cover – despite a glowing review and a “#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller” stamp – features a drawing of a dude lounging in a hammock between two palm trees. Couple that with the subtitle, “Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich,” and I was pretty sure this was some schlock about selling your every asset, buying a shack on a coast somewhere that the economy is all whacked and the dollar is still strong in comparison, and just getting by selling friendship bracelets (imported from China) to tourists.
However, as I mentioned yesterday, it’s not. Not at all. Rather, it’s a great book that’s really inspired me and is causing me to totally rethink my ideas of what it means to “work”, how much (how many hours) one must log in order to consider it “work”, enjoying valuable and fulfilling uses of time versus squandering it to help someone else achieve their dream, completely reinventing my lif and how I live it, and outsourcing mundane tasks to personal assistants in India. All this, and I’m only on page 156!

Moving right along, and on a totally unrelated note, have you found that the personified message on the Taco Bell hot sauces make you feel kinda bad about tearing them open? I had one today that said, “Ooh! Ooh! I call the glove compartment!” and I thought, “Oh no you don’t, my friend. You’re about to be slathered onto a bean burrito,” and the fact that I was dialoguing with the thing suddenly made me feel kind of sorry about ending its life. Extreme anthropomorphism: Quite possibly the first clear sign that I’m losing my mind…

In other news, something VERY VERY VERY exciting has happened. I got my first comment! And from a real person! (not an online poker site) And not one that I already know or paid to chime in! AND on a topic that I mentioned (Thomas Moore) and have some real interest in! Hopefully this will allay all the strange dreams I’ve been having, seemingly taunting myself about the fact that no one is reading this. The latest was that every time I went to my physical therapist’s office there was a sign on his outdoor billboard with the url of a blog they were endorsing. He doesn’t actually have one of these, but if you can picture what’s outside of most fast food joints (that they update once in a while by placing the individual letters with the long pole), it was like that. Anyway, I’d been going by there for days and seeing this lady’s blog being promoted, and feeling a little bit jealous. Then I showed up and – lo and behold – it had MY url up there, even though I’d never even told him it. I was a immediately a little bit panicked, but quickly thought, “Hey! I may finally get some readership!”

Hmmm…  Maybe I should go around to the local joints with nothing interesting on their signs (like the Royal Scot motel up the road that has “Canadians Welcome” and a whole lot of blank space) and see if they wouldn’t do me a solid? On the other hand, does anyone besides me read those? (Although, admittedly, I’m usually editing and scanning for grammatical or spelling errors). Perhaps if I offered six months of free proofreading of future signs instead? See, it’s just this kind of out of the box, entrepreneurial, and somewhat wacko thinking I am evolving toward thanks to Timothy Ferriss and his 4-Hour Workweek!!