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On second thought, maybe naming it ‘Iceland’ wasn’t all that deceptive? August 7, 2008

Boiling pool of Icelandic mud

Boiling pool of Icelandic mud

I’m here, and I have the freezing cold feet and frizzy hair to prove it. It’s almost 12:30 a.m., and having failed to enlist anyone on either U.S. coast (where it’s 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., respectively) in an e-mail conversation, I realize I’m sleepy. I should probably ride that wave, but in the interest of a quick post, I’ll share my first impressions:

1. Colder and wetter than I anticipated. I bet they make a killing on those handmade wool sweaters…

2. Despite my best efforts on neutral clothing, the second I open my mouth I am branded “American girl” – but not in a mean way or anything. In fact, the man who rang me up at the little grocery seemed positively delighted that I was from “the States.”

3. Somehow it’s so very European here. Every nook and cranny. It’s hard to explain, but if I were kidnapped and drugged and came to in this strange place (and said strange place happened to beReyjavik), I have no doubt I would know it was Europe somewhere (not that that’s a terribly specific insight). It almost has its own smell.

4. Forget Southern California, if you’re looking for blondes, this is your mecca.


2 Responses to “On second thought, maybe naming it ‘Iceland’ wasn’t all that deceptive?”

  1. daffy Says:

    Brrrrrrrr :o)
    Stay warm American girl :o)
    Are you planning to blog the journey all the way? I’d love to ‘join’ you.
    Take care out there though and have fun!

  2. wideawakeinwonderland Says:

    Hi Daffy! That (daily blogging along the way) is the plan! I have a nifty little mini-computer, and so long as I can find an internet connection of some kind, I´ll post. For the moment, it doesn´t recognize my photo card (might have something to do with the fact that the computer runs on Linux? I pretty much know nothing about such things…), so I may have to depend on Windows machines and occasional access to them along the way to upload my pictures. Thanks for the well wishes, and I´m happy to have you join! It can get lonely out there!

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