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We’re only dancing on this earth for a short while

Learning to Fly, But I Ain’t Got Wings July 4, 2008

How I love Tom Petty. My ex (C) and I were still technically married when he revealed his relationship with a 40-something Asian woman.  We were 28, which begets a little bit of a mommy complex, but whatever. That stated, however, I remember explaining to someone that in breaking up with him, I felt like I’d abandoned a child I”d adopted. Like Angelina dumping Maddox.

Anyway, and frankly Scarlett, I didn’t give a shit. I’d left him and this lifted my burden.  In fact, in lieu of longing or jealousy, I was rather pissed as I was solely paying for the  mortgage on the log home in which they hosted their new age communion. Beyond that, I was just glad she’d smoothed my exit. However, I’ve never been one for a parasite. Thus, to add insult to injury, the one thing that got to me was when he claimed that she had been Tom Petty’s next-door-neighbor in Pacific Palisades, CA. Obviously , the fancy digs belonged to some other dude…but TOM PETTY. Tom Petty!? I freaking LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tom Petty (and he knew it). Truly, knife to the heart.

I once had a wonderful dream that it was my birthday and Tom Petty was my BFF and we (and some friends) chilled on the shore while he jammed for us. It was like heaven…only better. So to learn that the lame 40-something bitch living on my dime was maybe tight with Tom Petty. Ugh. Ulcer.

As for C, I still wonder if it were true, or if he invented it to hurt me. I left him – whatever and good luck/good riddance – but I have long dreamed of being buds with Mr. Petty. That stated, and perhaps true to form, I’ve just donated the last four hours of my Fourth of July to watching the Tom Petty documentary “Running Down a Dream” on Sundance. LOVED IT. Admittedly, it was LONG. Like really, really couple of bottles of wine LONG.  Four hours and many, many adult drinks long. And I’m a little fuzzy from the libations, so in the interest of myself and any sensitive parties, I will end it here…

ENJOY YOUR FOURTH OF JULY! God Bless America and all that!!!